Educating Your Customers Before You Try To Sell To Them

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With Facebook Marketing, your job is more of giving education and preselling to your customers all the time and trying to get them out of Facebook before you actually try to sell them anything. Anything short of this will be suicidal and you will find yourself wasting money and time. Many who tried to directly sell their product on Facebook will fail miserably and many will be regarded as spam. This is because people are not on Facebook to buy anything, all they are looking for is a place to enjoy and entertain them.

Imagine doing all that yourself as if you are out in the park with your family having a good time and all of a sudden someone approaches you trying to sell you their product. That kind of intrusion is not good for your business and people will start avoiding you like a plague. Instead if the salesman just stays somewhere near the line of your sight and then perform some wonderful and attractive tricks, you will get curious and approach the salesman yourself.  Once the crowd starts to gather near the salesman then he’ll make his sales pitch.
It is definitely very different from what we usually do with search marketing where we can just shove a product in a searcher’s face and tell them that this product will solve their problem. In Facebook marketing, you have to educate, engage the people to get them to realize that they are suffering from a problem right now and they have to deal with it soon or they are going to regret it.

We all know that Facebook is the future but not everyone understands that old tricks will no longer work in the future. What marketers should be doing is to actually understand the basic mechanics that are at work here and then learn to adapt and apply newer strategies that will actually work within Facebook. Those who are reluctant to chance will find themselves losing out in many ways.

Posted on Aug 9, 2013 - Last updated on Apr 12, 2014

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